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How to Improve Your SEO Strategy with Google Analytics

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So you’ve begun implementing an SEO strategy, but how do you know if it is actually working? Google Analytics is a free program that provides you with statistics, graphics and tools to help you understand how your site is performing and how your SEO efforts are impacting your site. Data is continually updated to show the current trends and statistics …

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How to Use Facebook Messenger For Business

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Is your business using Facebook Messenger to the best of its ability? When we think about Facebook Messenger, it may just seem like a way to keep in touch with family and friends. However, with over 1.3 billion users, Facebook messenger offers many features and opportunities to help businesses reach and engage with their target audience. Recent updates have made it easier than ever for …

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NEW Responsive Search Ads: Google AdWords Update

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Have you noticed some changes to the layout of your text ads? Or noticed changes to Google ads while searching? It may have something to do with the ongoing rollout of a new ad format called ‘responsive search ads’. The new ad format offers more SERP real estate and works to dynamically combine various ad headlines and descriptions. Available only …

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To App or Not to App – Should Your Business Have an App?

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We can now fairly confidently agree that mobile is where the future of internet purchasing, and browsing is headed. We can’t ignore it anymore; if your business is not mobile-friendly, you are going to be in trouble. Mobile gives a wealth of opportunity for business growth. With users spending around 80%-90% of their mobile time on apps, having an app for your business …

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How to Integrate Social Media into Your SEO Strategy

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Your SEO and social media strategy are frequently considered two separate aspects of marketing. Aligning the two is essential to maximise brand exposure, improve rankings and build your online presence. So how exactly does social media impact SEO and how can you best integrate it into your marketing strategy? Social Media as a Ranking Factor Does social media directly impact your Google ranking? …

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GOOGLE CONFIRMED – Broad Core Algorithm Update

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Google has officially confirmed that a core search algorithm update took place in April. The announcement comes shortly after rumours of an update arose when many sites began reporting significant ranking shifts, both positive and negative. Via their ‘public liaison of search’ on Twitter, Google released a “broad core algorithm update”. According to the tweets, Google conducts these core algorithm …

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Mobile-First Indexing Rollout 2018 – How Does Mobile-First Indexing Impact SEO?

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Google has officially announced that they’ve begun ‘migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile first indexing’. In early March, Google revealed that they would begin sending out notifications regarding mobile-first indexing, but it’s not until now that we’ve actually started seeing them. Historically, Google has primarily used the desktop version of a page’s content when indexing and evaluating …

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Local SEO – 8 Tips on How to Dominate Local Search

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In what feels like a lifetime ago, local businesses relied on the publicity from outlets such as advertising in local newspapers, paying for Yellow Pages inclusion, postal mail and printed brochures or coupons. The days of solely marketing offline are over, as online marketing has become a necessity for local businesses. So how can your business best benefit from local …

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What Google’s Longer Snippet Update Means for SEO

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Has anyone else noticed that SERP snippets are getting longer? Is the good old 160-character limit a thing of the past? It just may be. Google has officially announced that they’ve changed their guidelines regarding meta descriptions and extended the character limit on search engine results page snippets. Google has gone from recommending a maximum of approximately 160 characters, to publishing snippets which are on …

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How to Take Advantage of Mobile SEO- Mobile Optimisation

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Whether searching for a place to eat or doing some online shopping while you’re on the go, mobile use is becoming increasingly popular. It is now estimated that over half of Google searches are coming from mobile devices and that mobile phone use is set to reach over 5 billion users by 2019. Therefore, optimising your website and pages for mobile devices is now more …