Email Marketing

Skyrocket Your Sales With Email Marketing!

Fact: Email marketing is still THE most profitable form of marketing.

It enables you to build rapport with clients and prospects, and drive in sales over long periods of time. And the cost is minuscule compared to most other forms of marketing.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that the return on investment (ROI) from email marketing is greater than $43 for every dollar spent.

And based on data from a Channel Preference Study, conducted by ExactTarget: 66 percent of online consumers make purchases as a direct result of email.

1. Are you making the most out of your email list?

2. And are you making the best effort to build your list?

If you answered NO to the 2 questions above, then I encourage you to get in touch now!

What we offer?

After many years experience crafting emails and increasing response rates I can’t urge you enough to start generating a database and acquiring more customers and market to an engaged audience. I personally sit down with you to discuss your goals and email marketing strategy and formulate a plan of attack. From setting up the campaign, designing the emails, consulting on best practices, tracking and analysis, it couldn’t be easier for you to start reaping the benefits of email marketing right now!

A quality database is truly priceless and easier than you think to acquire. Contact me to get started!
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